Let Mark David Fire Up Your Group...Wherever in the World You Are!


When seeking a professional speaker, presenter or facilitator, you want someone who electrifies, energizes and impassions…someone who motivates, inspires and empowers…someone who leaves your audiences clamoring for more. You want Mark David Gerson!

Among Mark David's Signature Presentations...

The Way of the Fool 

When we take a leap of faith in faith, just like The Fool does in the Tarot, miracles inevitably follow. Join Mark David Gerson as he shares how we can cultivate “knowing faith” so that we can take that leap with our eyes open in awareness and wonder.

The Perfectionism Habit (The Way of the Imperfect Fool)

Let Mark David show you how to bust the addiction that’s stifling your personal, professional and/or creative success.

Birthing Your Book (Even If You Don't Know What It's About)

If you've ever dreamed of writing a book, this one-of-a-kind presentation is what you've been waiting for. Get ready for the inspiration, motivation and practical tips that will free up your stories and fire up your book-birthing journey. Get ready to birth your book...even if you don't know what it's about!

Write That Screenplay! 

Ready to live the Big Screen Dream? Let Mark David turn your fantasy into reality with a unique, practical presentation designed to help you launch your screenwriting dream. 

Mark David at Your Book Club

Get your book club reading one of Mark David's critically acclaimed books and get the story behind the story – right from the author! It doesn't matter where you are in the world. If he can't be there in person, Mark David will visit your book club or reading group for a free online-video Q&A, offering an unparalleled inside look at the book you're reading and at an author's writing habits and creative process. 

Now Available: "A Reader's Guide to The MoonQuest" –  Perfect for your book club or for a more in-depth individual experience of an award-winning book that's on its way to theaters as an epic feature film. Download your free copy here.


Positive inspiration at its best.
– Hank Bruce, author of Peace Beyond All Fear: A Tribute to John Denver's Vision

Your talk was fresh and practical – so different from the usual clichéd advice for writers. We were inspired and energized!
– Robin Kalinich, Vice-President, SouthWest Writers

Mark David is a master, one of the great teachers!
– Rev. Mary Omwake,  Leadership Council,  Association of Global New Thought

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent, passion and knowledge."
– Lisa Hardwicke, Visionary Insight Press

You are a wayshower extraordinaire!
– Shoshana Love, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you for walking in your truth and creating a sacred space where I found more of my own.
– Brenda Welch, Haiku, HI

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